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National Training Policy 2012 recommended setting up of a Learning Resource Centre (LRC) to build the training capacity of Central and State Training Institutions and Government Departments. Thus, Training division, Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) in association with United Nations Development Programme set up Learning Resource Centre.

Objectives of Learning Resource Centre:

  • To drive the research and innovation activities in the field of training tools and technologies.
  • To promote adaptation of emerging training tools and techniques.
  • To improve the reach of the training efforts to all levels in the Government.

Objectives of digital version of LRC:

  • Strengthening the TDP through developing a Strategic Framework for interventions and action in the content and design of the TDP.
  • Identify and supplement the TDP with blended learning resources and reference materials.
  • Design and develop a website for the LRC that can be hosted on the DoPT website.
  • Introduce e-based Learning /classrooms in the TDP and online certificate courses for different levels of officers for domain specific training.